About Us

AppleHead Photography LLC is based out of Wake Forest, NC and offers a wide variety of photographic products and portraiture services. We especially love working with pets and their owners! We’re completely mobile, so if you want to use your favorite park, your own backyard, or any other location in the Raleigh/Durham area as a backdrop, we can come to you.

We love being able to help others create memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. We consider it an honor and a privilege to share in the process of forging the keepsakes that serve as mementos of all of life’s milestones. We hope you will consider us when the time comes to capture the those ordinary and extraordinary moments of your life.

Contact us by phone or email for pricing and availability. Please allow one business day for us to get back to you.


Do you have a studio?
We are 100% mobile and specialize in location photography. If you’re looking for something with more of a “studio photography” feel, that’s not a problem. We can bring the studio, complete with muslin or seamless backgrounds, to your home or another mutually convenient location.
I can get portraits done at a department store or photo chain for a fraction of the cost. Why should I chose AppleHead Photography, LLC?
The process of choosing a photographer to help you create lasting memories is a personal one, and cost is always a consideration. For some, department store or chain photo shops offer an acceptable solution at a low cost. They are able to do this because they focus on quantity rather than quality, moving a high volume of similar product with minimal post-production and a staff that’s trained specifically to manufacture high-volume prints with limited variety/flexibility. In fact, your photo may be taken by an employee who has had no photographic training beyond the instruction given to them by their employer. In other words, you’ll get a reliable, consistent product at a low price. Think of it as your favorite fast-food hamburger. It looks and tastes like every other burger purchased from that store by every other customer, and in many cases, that burger is perfectly acceptable.

There are special times, though, that call for a gourmet meal. At AppleHead Photography, LLC, we’re committed to providing you with the personalized attention that special moments deserve. Department stores or photo chain stores will devote an hour or so to provide you with a hastily-manufactured commodity. At AppleHead Photography, LLC, we offer an initial consultation and a personalized location photo shoot, and that’s just the beginning. Following the shoot, we’ll typically spend 10-20 hours on detailed and painstaking post-production to assure that you look your absolute best, and when your proofs are ready, you’ll have wide array of ordering options. When you choose AppleHead Photography, you’re choosing a highly customized experience that results in your own personally commissioned works of art.

How many pictures can I expect from a photo shoot?
A typical one-hour photo shoot usually results in hundreds of exposures which are meticulously reviewed. From those exposures, 12-14 photos are carefully chosen for post-production.
After the shoot, how long will it be before proofs are available for viewing/ordering?
We feel that every customer’s photos deserves the care and attention that we would want applied to our own photos. For this reason, we ask that you allow 2-4 weeks for the finished proofs. If you need proofs available sooner, let us know before scheduling your shoot–we can offer expedited post-production services for an additional fee.